Monday, May 17, 2010

Harmony for Google Docs/Harmony for Sharepoint: A Quick Overview

The beta release of Harmony for Google Docs is out! Attachments in emails sent from Microsoft outlook would no longer be in vogue with this release. If you have Microsoft outlook 2007, then go ahead and install HARMONY FOR GOOGLE DOCS/HARMONY FOR SHAREPOINT from here!


  • Harmony for Google docs/ Harmony for Sharepoint a a full featured side bar for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that can help you in sharing documents online without the need of sending them as attachments in emails.
  • There is no longer a need for you to have attachments in emails. When you get the Harmony for Google Docs/Harmony for Sharepoint installed in your machine from the links above, you would have the following icon as a part of your Outlook screen. 
  • If you use Google docs, you can enter your Google docs credentials
    and have access to all your Google docs documents from outlook. When you
    want to send any document via email, you can use the side bar to add
    the document to Google docs and then share a link of it to the
    recipients within minutes. Attaching large documents and having them as a
    part of your bulky sent items is no longer necessary!
  • Just make use of the side bar shown below to upload or drag and drop
    online documents either in Google docs or Sharepoint to emails!
  • If you are working with an organization, you can add your Sharepoint credentials to your outlook thereby enabling you to have access to all your Sharepoint documents right from your outlook. 
  • For using Sharepoint, you will have to click on the Download Harmony for Sharepointicon in this site. Further you would be asked to enter your corporate email address. Once you enter the email id, you would be sent a mail with a download link! Just download and get the software installed then!
  • Bulky email attachments from outlook becomes a thing of the past.
  • Sending emails has been made pretty simple, easy and less cumbersome
  • It comes for free
  • You should have Microsoft Outlook 2007 for this feature to work